TM-Vakuutusvälitys Oy (Google Translated)

TM-Vakuutusvälytys Oy is a customer-oriented insurance brokerage office in Järvenpää. Our operation started in 2003.

Our cornerstone has been property insurance management for years. Since the beginning of 2017, we have been looking for growth in the management of corporate insurance and personal customer insurance, and there is a good “soil” for growth thanks to our familiarity.

Our company’s task is to search the insurance market for our client company with the most comprehensive insurance coverage at a cost-effective price.

An insurance broker always acts on behalf of his client. The assignment agreement shows what the client and the insurance broker have agreed upon. In addition to the contract, the customer gives the insurance broker a power of attorney, with which the insurance broker can represent the customer in insurance matters.

The person registering as an insurance broker must have a professional qualification demonstrated by an insurance broker’s degree. A person who has completed an insurance broker’s degree is registered in the register of insurance agents maintained by the Financial Supervisory Authority. The operations of the insurance broker are supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

We help you in the event of an accident and in making a claim

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